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Thousands of businesses use Mapulus to remotely coordinate on-the-ground teams, optimise service delivery, streamline logistics, plan localised strategies and investments, and drive revenue growth.

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Mapulus map with worker and clients or customers locations
Mapulus map with worker and clients or customers locations with one location selected
Mapulus map with worker and clients or customers locations with travel boundary enabled

Optimise your field operations with dynamic, insightful mapping.

Visualise your entire operational network in real-time, gaining confidence even in unfamiliar territories. Ensure efficient deployment and maximised performance from your team, utilising Mapulus for faster and more intelligent decision-making.

Clusters of customer locations on a map
Edit layer on Mapulus map
Edit layer on Mapulus map
Heatmap of customer locations on a map

Instantly find the nearest people and locations.

Highlight the nearest locations with Mapulus's travel boundaries (isochrones) feature. Efficiently highlight the nearest client, worker, location, or site on the map concerning your chosen source location.

travel boundary isochrone options

Visualise your network dynamics and density.

Gain valuable insights into supply and demand trends using Mapulus's heat maps and clustering tools. Utilise this data to identify potential gaps and areas of interest, helping you make informed decisions about resource distribution.

Mapulus map with locations and clusters

Customisable attributes to match your business.

With custom location attributes, you can store essential details and search for relevant information for your business and each location.

Custom attributes on a worker location
Define Territories

Customisable territory management

Efficiently designate and manage territories across Australia. Whether you want to optimise sales regions, distribution zones, or service areas, our platform provides the necessary tools and insights.

Mapulus map UI
Mapulus map overlay draw UI
Selecting postal areas on a Mapulus map
Showing postcode boundaries on a Mapulus Map

Official Local Australian Boundaries built in.

Mapulus has official local Australian boundaries built into its system, encompassing a comprehensive range of geographical markers, including suburbs, postcodes, government Local Government Areas (LGAs), and specific aged care regions.

Selection of suburbs on a map

Customisable boundary overlays.

You have the power to design tailor-made territories by combining built-in geographical boundaries. This dynamic feature allows for automatically associating locations within these custom-created boundaries.

Australian Commonwealth electoral boundaries (ABS)

Identify Locations inside a defined territory.

Effortlessly identify which locations fall within a specific territory. This feature is accessible through a simple click on the map interface and via our API for more automated, programmatic access. By selecting a location, Mapulus instantly displays the chosen area’s boundary.

Australian Commonwealth electoral boundaries (ABS)
Travel Analysis

Traffic flow and travel time boundary overlays to optimise areas of operations in real-time.

Mapulus map UI
Mapulus map UI with overlay draw
Live traffic on a Mapulus map
Mapulus map UI
Mapulus map UI with location draw and linear travel time plots
Mapulus map UI with location draw, linear travel time plots and multiple travel time isochrones

View live traffic to make real-time decisions.

Make informed, real-time decisions for your on-the-ground operations with up-to-the-minute traffic information, enabling you to dynamically adjust routes and strategies based on current road conditions.

Live traffic on a Mapulus map

Understand how far your workers can travel.

Gain valuable insights into how far your customers or workers can travel. Understand travel preferences and patterns, allowing for more strategic planning in service areas, workforce allocation, and customer engagement strategies.

travel boundary isochrone options

View public transit corridors.

Identify and map public transit corridors to optimise transit planning, resource allocation, customer advice, and service delivery.

Trasite corridores on a Mapulus map

It’s easy to integrate with Mapulus.

Mapulus simplifies data management with its bulk upload feature and user-friendly API, allowing you to integrate large datasets into the system effortlessly. This, coupled with the ability to connect to thousands of apps through Zapier, ensures your existing tools and workflows are perfectly synchronised with Mapulus.

Bulk CSV import

Mapulus streamlines your data integration process with its Bulk CSV Import feature. This tool is designed to handle large volumes of data efficiently, making it easy to upload and update your datasets.

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Bulk CSV upload screen

User friends APIs

Our User-Friendly APIs are a cornerstone of the Mapulus system, offering developers and businesses an easy way to connect and extend their existing software solutions.

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Mapulus Developer API example location JSON

Connect with Zapier

Integrating Mapulus with your favourite apps and services is effortless, thanks to our Zapier connectivity. Zapier acts as a bridge, allowing you to create automated workflows between Mapulus and thousands of other applications without coding.

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Mapulus and Zapier intergration logos
Mapulus professional service team

Need help? Our team can support you with integrations into your existing it systems and creating custom reports.

We understand that you may have unique needs and requirements or need more in-house expertise to get the most from Mapulus. That's why we offer professional services, including custom analysis and reports, plus our team of developers. Our team of experts can work closely with you to understand your needs.