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Location Intelligence Services

Custom-tailored location analysis reports to propel your business success. At Mapulus, we are committed to providing meticulous location insights that power the success of your venture. Through collaborative consultation, we tailor a bespoke Location Insight Report that is finely attuned to your business needs and ensures you step forward with data-driven confidence.

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Your Business, Our Expertise

We take the time to understand your vision to evaluate the commercial viability of your prospective locations meticulously. Utilising our all-encompassing toolset, we delve into critical metrics encompassing footfall, competitor landscape, demographics, amenities, and beyond, crafting a comprehensive report that becomes the linchpin of your location strategy.

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Trusted Data

In-depth Analysis, Consolidated Insights.

We combine trusted detailed data sets to provide a holistic view of your opportunity.

Footfall & Vehicle Traffic

Understanding pedestrian and vehicle traffic patterns is crucial for gauging brand exposure and revenue projections.

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Competitor & Amenities Analysis

Acquire a detailed understanding of the competition landscape and points of interest around the location.

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Demographic Analysis

Ensure a match between the location's demographic profile and your target audience.

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Money Back Guarantee

Your Investment, Without the Risk

Investing in a new location is a substantial commitment. Our Bespoke Location Insight Report is designed to meticulously remove risk from your investment. Our affordable pricing tiers allow you to receive a tailored analysis encapsulating essential location variables. Our money-back guarantee supports reports, reinforcing your decision-making with a robust data foundation.

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Need help? Our team can create custom reports and build integrations into your existing it systems.

At Mapulus, we understand that you may have unique needs and requirements or need more in-house expertise to get the most from Mapulus. That's why we offer professional services, including custom analysis and reports, plus our team of developers. Our team of experts can work closely with you to understand your needs.