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Mapulus map
Demographics graphs and map
Hexbin demographic overlay on a map
Hexbin demographic overlay on a map with density tooltip
Site selection

Pinpoint optimal store locations and prime investment opportunities

Harness the power of location intelligence to make informed decisions about where your business should be situated. Delve into an area’s demographic composition (AU only) to strategically position your business. Craft effective marketing and sales strategies by comparing, contrasting, and enriching insights from multiple locations on a map. Recognise the untapped potential of a place and position your investment for success.

Malupls map
Multiple markers on a Mapulus map
Multiple markers on a Mapulus map with travel boundary
Multiple markers on a Mapulus map with travel boundary isochrone
Multiple markers on a Mapulus map with travel boundary isochrone and demographics plots

Customisable target areas

Easily define and adjust specific geographic reach, allowing you to concentrate on areas most relevant to your business needs and objectives.

Adjustable travel time.

Trusted Precision Data

Gain confidence with quality curated high-resolution data to get accurate insights. We use data from trusted sources, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Hexbin overlay of demographic data.

Intuitive visualisation

Experience data in an entirely new light, with clear and comprehensible visual presentations that make analysis and interpretation effortless.

Travel Mode
Customer Mapping

Understand and visualise exactly where your audience is located

Effortlessly convert complex location data into vivid, interactive maps. Share location insights and market patterns seamlessly with your team. Everyone gets the context they need, whether you’re in sales, marketing, or logistics.

Clusters of customer locations on a map
Edit layer on Mapulus map
Edit layer on Mapulus map
Heatmap of customer locations on a map

Advanced Multi-location mapping

Go beyond the basics with enhanced mapping capabilities, enabling simultaneous visualisation of multiple locations for comprehensive comparisons and analysis.

Multiple pinned locations on a Mapulus map.

Bulk uploads and integrations

Simplify the data imports with bulk data uploads and seamless integration with your existing tools through our API and Zapier integration.

Bulk upload multiple locations with CSV UI

Map sharing

Foster collaboration with easy-to-use team features. Share maps effortlessly, ensuring every team member, regardless of their department, is on the same page.

Share Mapulus map to public UI
Territory Management

Streamlined Territory Designation and Management (AU only).

Efficiently designate and manage territories across Australia. Whether you want to optimise sales regions, distribution zones, or service areas, our platform provides the necessary tools and insights.

Mapulus map UI
Mapulus map overlay draw UI
Selecting postal areas on a Mapulus map
Showing postcode boundaries on a Mapulus Map

Official Local Boundaries

Perfect for businesses that need to segment their delivery, sales, or service territories. Visualise the volume and type of customers within a postcode, ensuring efficient route planning and targeted campaigns.

Selection of suburbs on a map

Electoral Divisions

Ideal for those in the political or community engagement sector. Understand and visualise voter distribution and demographics to strategise your campaigns.

Australian Commonwealth electoral boundaries (ABS)

Statistical Boundaries

For businesses that rely heavily on data analytics, mapping out and understanding areas based on statistical Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) information can be invaluable.

Statistical australian boundaries on a map
Travel Time Analysis

Overlay traffic flow and travel time boundaries to optimise areas of operation or investment

Overlay traffic flow, and travel time boundaries to fine-tune areas of operation or investment. Optimally place and market businesses with insights that ensure you're in the right place at the right time. Tailor the territories you service with precision, ensuring efficient service delivery and maximised returns.

Mapulus map UI
Mapulus map UI with overlay draw
Live traffic on a Mapulus map
Mapulus map UI
Mapulus map UI with location draw and linear travel time plots
Mapulus map UI with location draw, linear travel time plots and multiple travel time isochrones

Customisable travel boundaries

Define your operation zones with flexibility. Adjust and modify travel boundaries to align with business objectives, ensuring you focus on the regions that most matter to you.

travel boundary isochrone options

Live Traffic

Stay ahead by integrating real-time traffic data into your location analysis. Make timely decisions by understanding traffic patterns.

Live traffic on a map

Travel Propensity Analysis

Understand the distance your customers are willing to travel, enabling you to optimise location offerings to meet their needs.

Travel boundary isochrone and customer heatmap
Mapulus professional service team

Need help? Our team can create custom reports and build integrations into your existing it systems.

At Mapulus, we understand that you may have unique needs and requirements or need more in-house expertise to get the most from Mapulus. That's why we offer professional services, including custom analysis and reports, plus our team of developers. Our team of experts can work closely with you to understand your needs.