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Understanding credits in Mapulus.

How to manage credits with your Mapulus subscription.

Credits are how Mapulus put limits on the usages of it’s feature. Various operations within Mapulus, such as viewing maps, geocoding addresses, and calculating travel boundaries use credits. This guide will provide an overview of credits in Mapulus and explain their implications.

How are credits used?

Credits are used for action that requires Mapulus to retrieve specific data or perform a calculation. Common examples of include:

  1. Viewing a Map: Each time you access a map in Mapulus, it requires a credit to display the map and its associated layers, markers, and other geographic data.

  2. Geocoding an Address: When you enter an address to obtain its latitude and longitude coordinates, Mapulus performs a geocoding lookup to convert the address into spatial data that can be visualised on the map.

  3. Calculating Travel Boundaries (Isochrones): When you define travel boundaries, also known as isochrones, to visualize areas within a certain travel distance or time from a location, it involves a data lookup to perform the necessary calculations.

Monitoring Your Credit Quota

Mapulus imposes a quota on the number of credit you can use within a specific time period, typically on a monthly basis. You can monitor your credit quota and usage in your subscription tab within your Mapulus account.

Exceeding Your Credit Quota

If you exceed your credit quota without upgrading your subscription, there are consequences to consider. The following steps are typically followed:

  1. Deduction from Next Month’s Quota: If you go over your credit limit, the excess will be deducted from your quota in the following month. This means that you will have a reduced quota available for that period.

  2. Account Pause: If the number of excess credits is significant and you don’t have enough quota to cover them in the next month, your Mapulus account may be temporarily paused. This means that certain functionalities may be restricted until you upgrade your subscription or until the excess credits are restored.

Managing Your Credit Usage

To ensure optimal usage of your credit quota and avoid interruptions to your Mapulus account, consider the following strategies:

  1. Monitor Your Usage: Regularly check your credit usage in your subscription tab to stay informed about your remaining quota and plan your usage accordingly.

  2. Optimize Credits: Be mindful of the number of credits you use.

  3. Consider Upgrading: If you consistently find yourself approaching or exceeding your credit quota, it may be beneficial to upgrade your subscription to a higher plan that offers a larger credit limit.

By understanding the concept of credits in Mapulus and monitoring your usage, you can make informed decisions to optimise your mapping experience and avoid disruptions caused by exceeding your quota.

Please note that the specific details of credit quotas and consequences may vary based on your Mapulus subscription plan. Be sure to refer to the subscription information in your Mapulus account for the most accurate and up-to-date details regarding your credit quota.