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How to Enable Locality Borders in Mapulus.

Learn how to enable Locality borders

Mapulus offers a powerful feature that allows you to enable locality borders on your map, providing visual representation of local boundaries and suburbs. This feature is useful for gaining insights into geographic boundaries, understanding regional divisions. This guide will walk you through the steps to enable locality borders in Mapulus.


  1. An active Mapulus account.
  2. Access to the Mapulus map where you want to enable locality borders.

Steps to Enable Locality Borders:

  1. Log in to your Mapulus account: Start by logging in to your Mapulus account using your credentials (username and password).

  2. Navigate to Your Map: After logging in, navigate to the map where you want to enable locality borders. You can find your maps in your account dashboard.

  3. Enable Locality Borders: In the sidebar, scroll down to find the “Locality Borders” option under Libaries. Check the box next to “Locality Borders” to enable the display of local boundaries on your map.

  4. View Locality Borders: Once you have enabled the locality borders feature, the local boundaries and suburbs will be visible on your Mapulus map. You will see the distinct borders and divisions that define different localities or regions.

  5. Interact with Locality Borders: You can interact with the locality borders to explore and analyze the geographic areas. Zoom in or out on the map to see more detailed local boundaries. Click on specific localities to gather additional information or access related data.

Congratulations! You have successfully enabled locality borders on your Mapulus map. The locality borders feature enhances your mapping experience by providing visual representation of local boundaries and suburbs, allowing for better analysis and understanding of geographic areas.

Please note that the availability and accuracy of locality border data may vary based on the region and data sources used by Mapulus. Local boundaries and suburbs may be subject to change and should be verified with official sources for the most up-to-date information.

Utilize the locality borders feature in Mapulus to gain insights into geographic divisions, analyze location data within specific localities, and make informed decisions based on regional information.